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Ne-Yo "The Year of The Gentleman" - Love & Musiq
November 3rd, 2008
07:44 pm


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Ne-Yo "The Year of The Gentleman"
OMG, if you haven't already listened to this grown and sexy albumn, PLEASE DO!!!! This albumn is so fantastic. He leaves you so intoxicated by the time you get to the end of the CD. From the wonderful track "Single" in which he tributes the single to his long sultry song called "Apart of a List" in which he describes the intellectual and physical things of a woman to his last track "Stop this World from Spinning", Ne-Yo intoxicates the ladies and the fellas use his CD to invite the ladies. Not only is he an awesome, talented artist NE-YO is so full of surprises as he lures women into his fortress with his lovely melody and inviting lyrics...So I say all of this to say, GO and get NE-Yo's CD...

Unitl Next Time...

C. Simone

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